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financing options after bankruptcy

Some people think that after you file for bankruptcy that they won't be able to qualify for any sort of credit for many years. Is this true? Would it be possible to purchase a car with an auto loan or get a mortgage for a house? I put together this blog to provide others with the information that I have worked hard to find. As I started the bankruptcy process, I was very worried about what it meant for my financial future. Fortunately, I have recovered and have learned a lot along the way. Hopefully, this information will prove helpful for you.


How to Navigate the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Process

19 October 2023
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If you find yourself in a financial crisis and overwhelmed with debts, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be a viable solution. Chapter 11 allows businesses and individuals to reorganize their debts, develop a repayment plan, and regain control of their financial situation. However, navigating the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process can be complex and overwhelming without the guidance of a skilled bankruptcy lawyer. Here are several key steps involved in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and how a bankruptcy lawyer can assist you throughout the process. Read More …

How Do You Buy A Car During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

30 January 2023
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Because a Chapter 13 bankruptcy takes three or five years to complete, there's a high likelihood that some debtors will need to buy or replace a car during their open case. Can you buy a secured asset like a car even during bankruptcy? How will it work? And what should you avoid? To help you find success, here are the basic steps you'll take.  1. Shop for a Car The good news is that buying a car under Chapter 13 starts out the same way any car hunt does: shopping for a vehicle. Read More …

Do You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney? Find Out Below

28 June 2022
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Many potential bankruptcy filers consider filing a case without speaking to a lawyer. The forms for doing so are often available online or in a workbook, so how hard could it be? As many filers later find out, it can be very difficult to deal with something as complex as a bankruptcy filing without legal help. Bankruptcy attorneys can provide many benefits for you. What Can They Do for Me?  Read More …

Will I Be Able To Save My Boat When Filing For Bankruptcy

6 January 2022
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When you are struggling with mounting debt, you might be afraid to file for bankruptcy because you might be afraid to part with certain possessions that you have put so much time and money into. For example, when times were better, you might have owned a boat and you might have spent a lot of time maintaining the boat. Therefore, you might be making the "sunk cost" fallacy when you try to hold onto your boat when you can no longer afford it. Read More …

Why Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney Is The Right Thing To Do

3 August 2021
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Most people tend to think that filing for bankruptcy is a desperate move, but it isn't. The reality is that it gives you a second chance to rebuild your finances while being protected by bankruptcy laws. So, if you feel that your liabilities have exceeded your assets and income, you should file for bankruptcy.  Other reasons for filing for bankruptcy include unemployment, marital problems, overextended credit, and large medical expenses. Whatever the reason is, you shouldn't file for bankruptcy alone. Read More …